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Syd Dale (May 20, 1924 – August 15, 1994) was born in York, England. He was a self taught composer and arranger of funk, easy listening and library music. His music played an important role on TV, radio and advertising media of the 1960s and 1970s. It is still extensively used on today’s shows. Syd Dale started as an apprentice engineer at Rowntree’s chocolate factory, a 16 year old boy then. Soon, the Big Band modern sounds, very popular in the 1940s, became his passion. He spent as much time as possible listening to the Big Bands and studying the arrangements. Three years later, in 1945, he left the factory and joined several local bands as pianist and arranger. Many years later, in the middle 1960s, his talent was widely recognized. Syd Dale’s music, which emphasized melody and harmony with intricate arrangements, was ahead of its time. He worked on many television and radio projects. He has been musical director on Oh Boy, Six-Five Special and Braden’s Week shows. He had also co-arranged and co-produced some 007 themes as many other commercial successes. Another of his many production music pieces, the bongo drum and harpsichord-driven « Cuban Presto » (originally released on the 1966 KPM album Accent on Percussion), was used by WPIX (Channel 11) in New York City as the theme for its late-night movie show, The Channel 11 Film Festival, from the late 1960s to the 1980s. In 1971 he founded Amphonic Music record label, with the special purpose of recording and producing his compositions and supply music to TV, film and radio business. Thirty years later, the company is still working.




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